1. You can only turn on PK mode while not in a safe area (towns and newbie island).
  2. Players who have a lot of immorality points (red name) can be attacked by anyone.
  3. PK mode must be turned on to attack people in general.
  4. Anyone who is PK on is open to attack by anyone.
  1. You gain a small amount of immorality points every time you turn on PK mode.
  2. If you kill someone who does not have PK mode on then you will gain a large a mount of immorality points.
  3. If you kill someone who is more than 10 levels less than you, then you gain a lot of immorality points.
  4. As you gain more and more immorality points you get increasing levels of wrath. Wrath reduces your defense, attack power, and move speed.
  5. You lose immorality points by killing monsters of your level and higher. You also lose immorality points by dying.
  6. A high amount of immorality points will reduce the amount of exp you gain.
  1. If you die to monsters you lose experience.
  2. If you die to players you lose experience.
  3. If you die there is a chance that you will drop a non-cashshop item.
  4. You do not gain wrath from getting immorality points.