Rappelz Maps

The following maps can be downloaded. If you click on them they will display in the browser. to download either:

a) right click on the link and choose: Save link as
b) Display the map in the browser and right click on it. Choose: Save image as

Your browser may not have these exact words, but choose similar.

Location Map type
Large Very large scale map of the whole islands with locations of mobs and bosses marked.
Medium Medium scale map of the islands, no mobs marked.
Small Small scale map of the islands
Navislamia Map of the 'dungeon' ship on Trainee Island
Arid Moonlight 1st level dungeon.
Lost Mines 2nd level dungeon.
Crystal Valley 3rd level dungeon.
Palmir Plateau 4th level dungeon.
Temple of Ancients 1st Veiled Island dungeon, other Veiled island are same layout with bigger bosses.
Ursa Caverns Main map of the caverns withthe mobs marked.
Ursa Caverns Ursa caverns with additional suggested routes marked.