Rappelz server support

The Rappelz server is a modified version of Epic 9.1. It is used to learn about how games like this are written and designed.
The overall Game Master amd administrator for this server is Rachel. Other GameMasters will have [GM] in front of the character name.
Any problems: you can contact us on rappelz9[At]ischus.co.uk

The following pages give more details.

              Game play aids
Game Game help.

Maps Maps of the island and dungeons

Admin Rappelz administration. You will be able to change your password here, and find out who is playing the game.

           Getting the Client
  The Client is the part of the game you need on your computer used to access the server. You can either download it or get a disk from someone who plays the game and has a disk with the client on it. When you have it on your computer you need to unzip it. You will need over 6Gb of space free to unzip it. Use 7zip, which you can use for free (unlike WinZip and WinRar). 7Zip is on the disk or there is a link below to download the latest version.

Download    This is s very large [~2.1Gb] compressed file so will take a long time to download. It is probably best to download it starting very late at night or very early in the morning when people are not playing on the server so there is more bandwidth available.

1. Download the Client
2. Download 7Zip here: 7Zip
3. When you have both files follow the instructions below under 'Setting up to play'.

Disk An alternative way to get started is to obtain a copy of the disk with the client on it from someone already playing this game. This is probably the best method as downloading from here can be very long and fraught with problems. You cannot obtain the client from any other than these two places as the client is special to this server.

1. First install 7zip from the disk in the 7z-install folder. You will need to match the version to your computer. Use 7z1604-x64.exe for a 64-bit Windows and use 7z1604.exe for 32-bit Windows.
2. Go to the section 'Setting up to play'.

           Setting up to play
  1. Right click on the Rappelzv9.1_client.7z file (that you have downloaded or is on the disk) and select 7Zip from the dialog.
2. Select 'Extract Files' from the menu and in the dialog change the 'Extract to:' to C:\Rappelz9
3. Go into the C:\Rappelz9 folder and right click on IschusLauncher.bat and choose 'Create Shortcut'.
4. Move the shortcut to your desktop. Use this to start the game.
5. Send an email to:
Give your name, and the name of someone you know who already plays on this server, and ask for a username and password. You will need this before you can play as this is a 'closed' server.